Skill Key: an online learning company specializing in engaging, story-based, people-skills training for every size and type of organization.

Successful organizations understand that employees must lead with integrity, communicate clearly, and work skillfully with others.

Yet the so-called “soft skills” of leadership, communication, and collaborative teamwork can be difficult to teach, and they aren't mastered overnight.

At Skill Key, we're specialists in teaching people skills.

Hollywood-quality videos are the keystone for our online learning courses.

These videos and their accompanying instructional materials and learning activities were created by experts in the fields of leadership, change management, communication, team-building, and other crucial soft skills.

Skill Key Delivers:

  • The foundational interpersonal skills employees and leaders need to succeed — so your organization can succeed
  • Opportunities for learners to focus on the areas where they most need knowledge and understanding
  • Real-world case studies, compelling stories, and research-backed content that can be applied immediately
  • Application exercises that enable learners to practice using new skills

People skills are the keys to individual and organizational success.
How can we help you and your employees thrive — so your organization can thrive?
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When it comes to getting people's attention, nothing beats a great story!
Here are just a few of the unforgettable stories in the Skill Key library.

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