Teamwork in Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232

Teamwork saved many lives when United Flight 232 experienced catastrophic engine failure. This riveting story inspires teams to use the same 5 techniques in day-to-day problem solving and contingency planning.

Tell Me a Story

Provides tips on storytelling while featuring real-world leaders who use stories to make communication engaging, relatable and memorable.

The Clarity Imperative

Shows that teams and organizations are more apt to succeed when everyone is clear on: "What we do, Who we are, Direction in which we're headed".

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Author Patrick Lencioni explains why teams become dysfunctional. He then shows how to overcome each dysfunction, improve team-relationships and increase productivity.

The Uh-Oh Syndrome: From Intolerance to Inclusion

In layman's terms, and with great humor, Dr. Steve Robbins shows how to overcome scientific and cultural phenomena that keep us in our "comfort zone".

Time Challenged

Hilarious look at the challenge of having too much to do and too little time. Eight highly-effective time management tips are presented.

Trim Tab

Examples of leaders in government and education show how one small symbolic change can often be the catalyst for big improvements.


Customers with money to spend are often driven away by rude service or bad organizational policy. This memorable course can prevent it from happening.

WAYMISH: The Supervisor Show

To be viewed after completing the main WAYMISH course, this supervisory course provides additional tips on the things management can do to retain valued customers.

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