What To Do When Conflict Happens

Shows how the practical C.A.L.M. model of conflict resolution can be used to effectively and respectfully work through conflicts with co-workers.

Working With You Is Killing Me

A problem co-worker truly can make life miserable. This course shows how to address disruptive behavior, set boundaries and get the results you want.

A Better Way

Dr. Stephen Covey teaches win-win problem solving through the stories of three South African retailers who had to find a better way to do business.

A Grander Goal

The inspirational story of "Stone", a man who overcame personal setbacks and used them as a catalyst for helping others. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Covey.

A Look Inside Ourselves

This short course reinforces the concepts of compassion, unity, empathy and sharing, but it is unique in that it asks us to examine how well we are fulfilling our part in creating a unified, productive and happy workplace.

Actions Speak

Teaches a method of asking job-related, past-event questions that ensure a job candidate has the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the job for which they're being considered.

ADA in a Nutshell

This conversational, easy-to-use program for managers explains the Americans with Disabilities Act, its significance and its requirements.

An Invisible Man Meets The Mummy

Provides a lighthearted look at internal and external customer service, particularly how it is hampered by a service provider (the Mummy) who's wrapped in red tape.

An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy, Government Version

A lighthearted look at customer service in government, particularly how it is hampered by an internal service provider (the Mummy) who's wrapped in red tape.

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