Cliff's Customer Service Adventure

A 20-something in search of excellent customer service, Cliff gives viewers lots of laughs while providing tips on how to meet customer needs.

Communicating Non-Defensively

Don't let defensiveness impede communication and problem solving. This course reveals why people get defensive and how to get past it.

Communication in Healthcare

Combining humor and drama, this healthcare-specific course illustrates the five things that must be in place for effective communication to occur.

Communication: The Nonverbal Agenda

In communication, it's vital that our body language does not contradict the words we're saying. This classic course on nonverbal communication is one of the best.

Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders

Compelling vignettes  in a variety of organizational settings show how leaders and followers who go beyond traditional roles and protocol can work more effectively together.

Curse of the Vanishing Employees

Organizations can't afford to lose good employees. Here's a fun and effective overview of what bosses can do to keep people from "disappearing".

Customers With A Difference

Language barriers needn't present a challenge for telephone CSRs. This course shows how to communicate through differences and achieve understanding.

Dealing With Conflict, Healthcare Version

Based on the popular Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model, this course helps healthcare workers find the best solution when conflict arises.

Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

Practical information and useful tips for applying the basics of Emotional and Social Intelligence in the real world of work. 

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