Abilene Paradox

This course deals with the importance of stating your honest opinion...especially when your team is headed in a direction you believe is the wrong direction.    

Through a series of humorous but powerful examples, the Abilene Paradox depicts ways in which groups reach what is known as false consensus.  In the most memorable example, a Texas family seems united in their plan to take a long, hot, dusty drive into Abilene for dinner.  Upon their return, however, they discover that no one had really wanted to go to Abilene--each person was just going along to be sociable.

If you're a leader, this course will show you the things you may or may not be doing to cause your team to take a "trip to Abilene".  If you're a team member who is sometimes reluctant to speak an opposing opinion, you will be inspired to do so for the good of the team and the organization.

  • Shows how time and money are wasted when groups make bad decisions
  • Teaches how to give your honest opinion on a plan or idea even when it feels scary to do so
  • Explains what group leaders can do to help their teams make better decisions

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