Accountability That Works!

This course will enable you to see accountability as a means to achieving personal and team effectiveness. It explains that true accountability is a cycle consisting of:

  • The "before" phase: RESPONSIBILITY - establishing a mindset of ownership for the task and taking complete responsibility for getting it done.
  • The "during" phase: EMPOWERMENT - doing whatever is necessary to complete the task, including identifying action steps, a timeline and using necessary resources.
  • The "after" phase: ACCOUNTABILITY - owning the outcome of the task, good or bad, acknowledging it and learning from the experience.
  • And Behind It All: CLEAR AGREEMENTS -- that hold the three stages together.

The examples provided will show you how an accountability mindset and "clear agreements" not only heighten your performance, they will also make your worklife less stressful and more fulfilling. 

  • Explains why every task must have a clearly defined owner and "agreement"
  • Shows how "self empowerment" helps you keep your commitments even when setbacks arise
  • Depicts ways to hold others accountable when they fail to keep their agreements
  • Examines the importance of learning from mistakes or poor results

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