A Leader's Guide to Delegating

Knowing how to delegate effectively is a crucial management competency. When you assign tasks to employees, more work gets done, trust is established and employees are able to develop new skills. 

This course will walk you through a 5-step plan for successful delegation:

  1. Analyze the Task: Determine, in detail, what needs to be done to achieve the goal. This includes setting a deadline.
  2. Choose the Right Delegatee: The right candidate should be highly motivated and possess the needed skills.
  3. Assign the Task: Give clear instructions on desired outcomes, resources available and follow-up steps.
  4. Execute the Task: During the task execution, support the delegatee by informing key employees of the delegatee's task and level of authority.
  5. Conduct Regular Feedback Sessions: Monitor issues so they don't become problems, and give the delegatee opportunities to ask questions.

  • Teaches an effective 5-step model for delegating tasks
  • Helps managers empower employees by showing them how to delegate the right kinds of tasks to the appropriate people
  • Provides tips and checklists that can be used for any task assignment  



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