5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
Engaging Your Team to Achieve Any Goal

If you hold a management position in an organization today, you are under tremendous pressure to solve problems, achieve goals, lead change and improve productivity. If you've been told to turn to your team for input and ideas, but do not know how to effectively facilitate this kind of collaborative session, this course is for you.   

Based on the book, Leadership Made Simple, the course introduces 5 questions, which, when asked in a specific order, enable you to engage your team in finding and implementing effective solutions.

This framework will keep your group from getting bogged down in the issue itself and the things that aren't working. It will focus them instead on what is working. Possibilities and solutions are generated from there. The net effect is that:

  • Ideas, answers and solutions come from the people closest to the work.
  • Conflicts are resolved and group dynamics are redirected in a positive way.
  • Your team members become critical thinkers and have a sense of buy-in to plans and solutions.
  • Ideas and solutions are successfully implemented.

  • Teaches how to successfully lead a collaborative problem-solving session
  • Helps facilitators motivate others to contribute ideas and commit to action plans 
  • Explains that, by identifying and building on what's working, teams achieve greater success

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