It's a Dog's World

A smile. A reassuring manner. Undivided attention. Thoughtful, thorough follow-up calls. In today's busy healthcare settings, these "little things'' often fall by the wayside.

But when it comes to patient satisfaction, it's the little things that matter most. This healthcare favorite shows that everyone working in a medical office, hospital, or clinic can make a difference in improving customer service.

The course depicts the story of a man and his dog who go out for a walk one day and end up needing medical attention—fast. The man goes to his health care provider while his dog goes to the vet; but one patient ends up with a far better experience.

You will see:

  • The patient experience from the patient's point of view
  • Easy ways to reassure people at critical points in their medical journey
  • The importance of respecting the patient's time, feelings and dignity
  • How an unprofessional manner erodes patient trust
  • Why follow-through is so important
  • The fundamentals of patient-centered care

  • Shows the things that can make or break patient satisfaction
  • Suggests ways to manage patient anxiety at key points of interaction
  • Reinforces the need for all employees to treat patients with kindness and respect

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