Can We Count on You?
Why Accountability Matters

Can We Count on You? is a common-sense program that will put you on the path to becoming a highly valued employee. It provides a basic overview of what it takes to be seen as accountable, focusing on specific day-to-day workplace behaviors.

An onscreen host explains the relationship between personal accountability and job success, then walks you through ten scenes that illustrate why being accountable means:

  • Making Sure You Understand
  • Speaking and Writing Clearly
  • Doing What You Say You're Going to Do
  • Not Making Excuses
  • Learning From Mistakes
  • Being Ethical
  • Taking Initiative to Solve Problems
  • Serving Customers Professionally
  • Being a Team Player
  • Knowing How to Solve Your Own Conflicts


  • Enables organizations to provide quick, basic training on the topic of accountability
  • Helps individuals learn the day-to-day behaviors associated with being an accountable person
  • Teaches skills that improve overall organizational communication and productivity

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