After All You're the Supervisor

This course provides the secrets to succeeding in a supervisory role. In the video, you will meet Alec, a top-notch CSR recently promoted to supervisor. Alec is excited and a bit overwhelmed by his new responsibilities -- especially the challenge of moving from the role of friend/colleague to team supervisor. Fortunately, he has a wise boss who guides him through the transition.

It's not always easy, but Alec finds his place, while his team learns to trust his guidance, work together more efficiently, and function more independently. 

Nine components of supervisory success are presented:

  1. Acknowledge Your New Role
  2. Plan and Prioritize
  3. Be Accessible
  4. Encourage Teamwork
  5. Communicate Upward and Downward
  6. Delegate
  7. Discipline Effectively
  8. Provide Feedback
  9. Model the Way

  • Builds awareness of the supervisor's role and the skills needed to do the job well
  • Provides guidelines for developing direct reports and addressing inappropriate behavior
  • Increases your ability to lead a team to successful outcomes

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