At Skill Key, we help people learn and apply key interpersonal skills.
That's our specialty. Our only specialty.

The skills we teach are the skills every individual needs to know for personal and professional success.

They’re also the skills every organization needs its employees to master in order to thrive and grow in today’s market.

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
…to name just a few.

Soft-skills education is different.
Interpersonal or "soft skills" have a reputation for being hard to teach.

It’s our mission to make teaching and learning soft skills easier, more engaging, and more predictably successful.

Who We Are

Our team has spent decades—first at CRM Learning and now at Skill Key—honing our abilities in the organizational training film industry, distilling complicated concepts and complete books into the 15-20 minute videos that make up the acclaimed CRM Learning soft-skills library.

Those decades of experience taught us important truths about what works and what doesn’t work in soft-skills training.

Now we’re bringing together our extensive experience, the award-winning CRM Learning video library, and today’s technology to build a collection of succinct, compelling, interactive courses.

We use humor and emotionally engaging stories to humanize dry research results and psychological theory.

Real-world case studies help focus attention and show learners the tangible impact of their behavior on others.

Concise learning models wrapped around the stories step learners through the process of putting the concepts and skills into action.

Our goal is your success.
Let us help you evaluate your needs and get the results you want.