With Skill Key, your organization purchases an annual (or multi-year) subscription for online access to our entire library, a single course, or anything in between.

You pay based on the number of learners you have and the number of courses you select.

Pricing starts at $500 for one course, up to 50 learners.

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss the different options available.

What you get with a Skill Key subscription

Compelling Soft Skills Training Anytime, Anywhere

Learners have unlimited access to the course(s) in your account from any computer, tablet or mobile device, 24/7.

Measurement and Confirmation of Learning

Each course contains a video lesson and optional quiz. (Your organization's administrator determines if the quiz will be offered and, if so, sets the passing grade.) Following the successful completion of a course, the learner can choose to print a Skill Key Certificate of Completion.

Administrative Tracking

Your organization's administrator has the ability to access the Skill Key platform and monitor the number of registered learners, overall program usage and quiz scores.

Accessing the programs is easy!

Your organization will have a unique webpage that lists the course(s) you've selected. Your administrator will be provided with a URL that can be emailed to those who need or want to take the courses.

Learners will simply follow the URL they've been sent and then (one time only) create a login. From then on, they will use their login to access the system from any computer, tablet or mobile device, 24/7.